Take A.I.M. - Let's Hit Bullseye Together!

How do you feel after attending a course/workshop? 
Do you follow what was taught? 
Do you gain anything from the course? 
Did you take any action after the course?

These are the questions I kept asking myself after presenting various workshops and courses to the participants.

I always wonder if the participants gain anything from the workshop or even wondered if they took any actions?

Thus, I have been wanting to design a course where I am certain the participants had gained from it and took some actions. After all, I believe that should be the main reason why a participant will want to attend a course!

So after many months of planning and discussion with readers, I had finally came up with A.I.M., which meant "Actionable Ideas Movement".

A.I.M. is a new course – Actionable Ideas Movement – that is designed by me..

The main AIM for this course is to: 

(1) introduce the HK and US market to the Singapore Investors; and
(2) by the end of the course, we hope participants will be able to invest in HK and US Markets with comfort and the right mindset.

This course also AIMs to provide what participants have been requesting:

1. The course will allow participants to ask questions beforehand. These questions will be answer during the course.
2. The course will also allow participants to provide 1 stock in the US and HK market each for me to analyse beforehand. These stocks will be reviewed during the course.
3. There will also be a weekday evening FOLLOW UP SESSION 6 MONTHS LATER to review on all the ideas that was discussed (No extra payment required).

Furthermore, the following will also be provided during the course:

1. A list of HK and US Ideas that passed the TUB Score
2. Booklet of the slides
3. A Simple Packed Lunch

Highlights of the Course:

- A revelation of the TUB Score Criteria (Never revealed before!)
- My Understanding of HK and US Market
- How to Screen for HK and US Companies Using Available Online Resources
- Important Apps to Download
- Answering Your Questions!
- A Discussion of various HK and US companies that You Requested!

If you are interested in this event, do sign up via this LINK. I will only be limiting the course to a maximum of 15 pax.

Do note that once you sign up, an email will be sent to the email address you registered with Eventbrite for the questions and the stocks you will like me to discuss during the session.

I look forward to meeting you at the event!

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  1. Another one that is selling courses. "Its different this time"? Lol

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for your comments. I will try my best.



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