What Happens If You Are Almost 100% Vested? - Part 3 (Updated)

I have receive lots of comments on InvestingNote on my previous post. It made me realise that I have taken too little risk.

I have also complicate matters by my formula.

So I have made changes and revamped the plan.

This should help everyone to understand my plan better.

1. I will borrow 3Y for 6 months for the initial balance transfer.
2. I will pay A for 5 months to reduce the outstanding. Note that Y=5A (It should not be 6A because you run the risk of not paying in the last month).
3. Roll over 2Y for another 6 months for the subsequent balance transfer.
4. Continue to pay A to reduce the subsequent balance transfer.
5. Place Y into SSB to offset some of the processing fee in both the balance transfer. 

Thus, it is important to ensure that Y should be below your monthly gross pay. A should be about 15% of your gross pay.

Do note that the main risk of this plan is losing your job. Therefore, if your job is unstable now, please DO NOT ENGAGE IN THIS PLAN.

Hope the above shows a better understanding.

Crazy Plan. Crazy Thoughts. Crazy Portfolio.

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