What Happens If You Are Almost 100% Vested? - Part 2

After my last post, I have many friends that told me to not proceed with the plan. I also have friends asking me about rates and from which bank I am getting the loan from.

I will need to be upfront with all the readers, as I told one of them:

"I agree that if there is no need to leverage, then better not to leverage. In fact I don't encourage this as well. In almost all my courses, I already stated at the start of each course that we should only invest with disposable cash, so no irrational thoughts will occur."

However, due to the recent downturn, I also have thoughts that if I have the ability (in terms of future cashflow) and already the cash to pay off the amount I leverage, then I should be fine.

To be honest, this is similar to taking up a property loan. Just that a bit on the short term.

So what I found out and I intend to do?

After researching, I will be doing fund transfer as I found some banks offering 0% to 3% EIR/processing fee.

Eventually, I will only be getting a very low 5 figure fund transfer amount at 1% for 6 months.

In addition...

I also met up with a TA Guru recently. I was told the downtrend will continue for a significant prolong period - years in fact.

Rather than saying the whole market will be on a downtrend, I will say the market will be super volatile.

Oh.. and I am taught a new stuff today - DLC.

I have always said - as investors we should form our own opinions, have a plan, look forward.

Crazy Plan. Crazy Thoughts. Crazy Portfolio.

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  1. Read your own article again. You might be self-rationalizing your way to leverage by looking for reasons to leverage. Good luck though.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      You make sense thought.

      Thanks for pointing it out.


  2. Leveraging on hard asset like property is different from soft asset like stocks is totally different. Don't start misleading newbies in investing

    1. Hi Createwealth8888,

      I may not have phase myself correctly.

      I am not having any intention to mislead them. That is just my opinion.

      If anyone has questions, they should ask me further.



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