What Happens If You Are Almost 100% Vested?

Yes. I am almost 100% vested todate and it is frustrating.

You will have thought that the vast amount of experience I gain over the years will be able to carry me through this downtrend.

But no, at this point in time, the little cash I have left with make me doubt myself at times. This is especially so, when you know US market will fall more after New York declared a state of emergency.

So what did I do?

I wrote down all on companies I have on a piece of paper and stay away from all share price information. Then I decide which company in my portfolio I will want to add, hold or sell/reduce.

I realize I tend to remember the most important points of each company during this exercise. This point will eventually be the main reason why I bought in the first place and my subsequent action.

Next, I determine the cash I have if all selling actions are completed. After that, I filter out those companies that will recover the fastest or had declared dividends that will eventually be given out.

This will eventually allow me to concentrate the little cash I have to buy these companies.

So what else will I be doing?

However, I still realize that my cash amount is still slightly insufficient. Do note that, after the initial exercise, I decided only on 2 to 3 companies.

So I decided to leverage, not via margin, but to borrow from banks as an individual at a very low interest rate (below 3.5% pa). There is currently a facility in every bank that provides this service.

Nevertheless, this amount will not be significant but sufficient for now.

The reason I did not go for margin account is because, in this downtrend, I am unable to see the bottom yet. To leverage through margin at this point in time will be foolish. However, it is also important that one gets ready a margin account if the requirement arises in the later stage.

The reason I go for a bank loan is due to the fact that I will have some cash to purchase the selected companies at the current share price, with the ability to repay the purchase through installments or in phases over a fixed period of time.

Obviously, all plans have risks. The main risk is I lose my job and the ability to repay the purchase. Thus, I must ensure that I am employed during this period of repayment.

Crazy Plan. Crazy Thoughts. Crazy Portfolio.

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