Peter Lynch 1994 Lecture

What can we do during "Work From Home" WFH period?

As per Simple Investor always tells me - "read, read and read to gain knowledge".

However, I realise my attention span cannot last for many books (1+ books at most). Thus, I turned to YouTube to gain more knowledge or rather to regain/remember what I should be practising.

During this Covid-19 crisis, everyone will be confused about the economy and what they should do.

I am no difference.

Nevertheless, watching this YouTube Video helps me clears some confusion.

Some information that I gather from the video:

1. If you like the company at $10, you should like it even more at $6.

2. You should know your company and be able to explain to a ten year old why you bought the company in 5 mins.

3. Volatility is good.

4. Focus on your core competencies.

5. Understand how your company will perform in year 5, 6 and 7.

6. Something bad is always bound to happen.

7. Focus on facts.

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