Looking Back And Moving Forward...

Hi all,

If you were a constant reader of TUBInvesting Blog, you will have noted what I have done since Oct 2019.

1. I restarted my portfolio - meaning the share price of all my companies were stated as of the date I "restarted" the portfolio.

2. I started a Crazy Portfolio - aiming for significant 400% in 10 years. This plan is to make enough capital gain for my daughter's future. I am no Guru. Thus, I had to give myself more time to hold onto the companies to watch them grow.

3. The Crazy Portfolio was aimed to be more focus on the US market. I did that till the crisis came along. Now it has become more focus on SG market. (SG/US/HK = 60%/38%/2%) 

4. I wrote an article that Intrinsic Value is subjective and we should not be conservative about it.

5. I went on to borrow an amount I believe I can repay fully when I realise I am almost fully vested at the start of the Covid-19 crisis. Nevertheless, I believe I have roughly about 20% of cash now since I sold some companies last week.

6. I made a plan to re-review all my holdings with a soccer-team structure. Read more here. In addition, this soccer team structure may also allow up to 4 team mates in reserve team to have a maximum of 20 players in the soccer team.
Soccer Team Structure
In a soccer team structure, the "First 11" forms the core of the team and the Substitutes tend to be "Backs Ups". As for the reserved team, it does not necessary need to be occupied and the main purposes is to allow downgrades of the Main Team or Substitutes if a better company is found to fit into the "First 11".

With that, I will re-review my portfolio based on the soccer team structure. Each company will come with a simple write up as well as its a view of its intrinsic value.

Do note that, in view of my long holding period, my intrinsic value will be very subjective and the way I intend to analyse them will also be simplistic.

Why simplistic? As investors, we are unable to be in control of many things. This crisis highlighted the point to us. Quantitatively, we just need to ensure that the company can survive this crisis - balance sheet wise and earnings should continue to grow once the crisis has passed. Qualitatively, we have to understand the business, what are its advantages/moat and where are the main risks.

At the end of the day, we have to make sure we purchased a GREAT company that HAS A MARGIN OF SAFETY and you are CERTAIN and COMFORTABLE to hold it with CONVICTION for THE LONG TERM.

GK - A Local Bank.
CD - Property and Casualty Insurance company in Florida
CD - My Ex Gf
LB - Gardenia bread
RB - Big Idea 8
DM - Mickey Mouse
MF - Manufacture Antenna and Testing Equipment for 5G
MF - Enhanced File Transfer
FW - WhatsApp and Instagram
ST - Cyber Security for Healthcare
ST - 3rd party SAP + Oracle Maintenance Firm

Sub 1 - Online US, Australia, Canada SME lender
Sub 2 - Festive walk
Sub 3 - Carrier supplier
Sub 4 - Big Idea 13
Sub 5 - <OPEN>

Reserved 1 - <OPEN>
Reserved 2 - <OPEN>
Reserved 3 - HK stocks
Reserved 4 - Rubbish I cannot sell

I will not be reviewing "HK Stocks" (since it only comprises of about 2% of my portfolio) and "Companies I cannot Sell".

Do note that most of the companies listed above are rather straight forward and some other companies can be found in my blog itself. Have Fun Guessing!

Next up, I will probably write a "fast review" on the companies that are straight forward and others that has can be found in my blog.

If you are interested to know more or asked questions, feel free to join my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram group.

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