Why I Replace A Local Bank With A Telco?

So for the last 2 articles that I have written - The last article of 2020 and first article of 2021 - I have stated that I am reducing my OCBC position to redivert the money into Singtel and US Market.

OCBC remains a smaller position in my portfolio and I may still sell everything within the near term.

In both articles, I did not mention my reasons for selling/reducing OCBC. Nevertheless, I did reveal all the reasons in a recorded session in a FB Live with JR_Chai.

(Click on the picture to watch the recorded session)

Furthermore, I also had a separate discussion (which I did not mention before) on my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group where it was stated that (1) capex for Singtel will be huge with 5G and digital banking coming together and (2) this may affect future dividend. 

Nevertheless, our Fundamental Scorecard provides a Moat Score of 55 for Singtel - which is relatively high. Thus, I was not too concern about the negativity stated above as I am looking for a company with a moat or high competitive edge.

In the FB Live I have also stated that I will be having a free webinar where I will be talking about my strategy during the past covid-19 period and how it will shape my selections in future investment.

So if you like to know more, please click HERE to sign up!

The event is on 11 Jan 2021 at 8pm to 10pm thru Zoom.

See you there!