The 2021 Strategy

2021 has started with a BANG and market has continued to rise from 2020 and into the new year. 

For 2021, TUBInvesting Blog will be focus on my portfolio and companies within it.

Since the pandemic, I had changed the way I invest. Basically, I step out of my comfort zone and change the way I invest.

Personally, I felt I did well since the change in strategy. Therefore I am moving ahead with this strategy into 2021.

The bottom is a new account I open as of Jun 2020 and I have returned over 31% (as of 17 Jan 2021).

It is not all beautiful as I did cut losses on some companies I held. But basically, more wins than losses helped me achieved a satisfactory return.

The strategy that I engaged in is shown below. In general, I will invest in a group of Dividend SG Companies that will bring about a stability in my portfolio, while I invest in Growth Companies and Cash-like feature companies in the US.

I deem it as dual engine because: 

  • I expect US Companies to be volatile but on a long term uptrend.
  • SG Companies to provide stability.
  • Nevertheless, if SG companies also started to be on a uptrend, then the overall portfolio will rise much faster.
  • However, depending on your appetite, you can take a higher risk by allocating more to US companies, or lower risk by allocating more to SG companies. I prefer a 30 (SG) to 70 (US) allocation.
  • This assume that I deem SG Companies as lower risk than US companies. This is because I dealt with more SG Companies than US companies throughout the last 10+ years I invested and I know them better.

In 2021, I also had a new rule – no discrimination against methods. This meant that I will be engaged in short term/event driven investment if the thesis made sense – Macy and NIO worked well for me in this aspect. 

Currently my portfolio has about 20 companies (excluding 5 left-over/no choice/waiting to be sold companies).

Within these 20 companies, there are 7 SG Listed Firms (Which I will be focusing writing less on):
  1. 2 Retail REITs
  2. Stable Food Producer that I held for some time.
  3. Singtel that I mention at the end of 2020.
  4. Wireless Connectivity Product Manufacturer
  5. Service Company in the construction sector (Event Driven)
  6. Supermarket with a Short-term thesis
The remaining are US firms, which consist of:
  1. 3 Cash-like feature companies – GAM which is part of FAANG+MT.
  2. DIS which I went out and in again.
So, what I have are 9 other companies that are not mentioned but I will probably be writing about in the days to come.

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See ya!