A Follow Up to "No Recession"

Short post.

In my post on having "No Recession", I mention that "Money is a flowing concept".

However, there is an article lately on the drop in NFT Volume in Mar 22 when compared against Jan 22.

There were further information from TheBlockCrypto on the drop in NFT transactions and volume as shown in the graphs below.

Graph taken from TheBlockCrypto Website

So, since NFT transactions have decreased, does this imply that demand for alternative assets will decrease as well, potentially leading to a crash? Is it possible that a prospective recession is on the list if that's the case? In addition, where has the money gone?

I will try to provide my opinions on the questions.

1. Will there be a crash in NFT?

I don't think I'll be able to make any predictions in the near future. However, if one believes in the NFT's functionality, there is a good probability that prices will rebound in the future.

2. Will there be a Recession?

I stand by what I said in the first post about the recession and believe the economy is still flourishing while it recovers from the pandemic. Nonetheless, the ongoing war has thrown some uncertainties in my mind, and I hope it ends soon.

3. If money is a flowing concept, where has the money went to?

In my first piece, I stated that the money had returned to the stock market. However, the recovery was short-lived. Now that the stock market has resumed its downward trajectory. Because of the ongoing war, money has likely flowed into crude oil, with prices hitting above $100, and several commodity prices have also reached record highs. Share prices of publicly traded oil and gas companies, as well as commodity firms, have climbed dramatically.

That's all.

Once again, thank you for reading.


Stay tuned for the next write up!.


  1. "Personally I do not think money will really be destroyed. To me, money is a flowing concept.

    The volatility or the sudden lack of liquidity in various investments over the last 2 years has been a result of the massive quantity of money rotating, from one type of investment to another."

    Definitely lots of money printing in the last 2 years. But pertaining to "money being destroyed"... What about leverage in the markets? Leverage can be destroyed no?

    1. Money will soon go back to stock, there is no alternative for investment return of more than 7% to 8% to beat inflation except in the stock market, Previous high inflation, stock was the best performer. I am buying the dip, though it may not be the low, it odd to be one of the low, and i have no worry about the wait and loss incurr in the process,
      May u all propser.

    2. Yeah. That's an interesting concept. But leverage was never real money anyway right? Its just air.


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