Do You Feel The Inflation Yet?

Have you experienced it yet? I'm not referring to reading them in articles. But the sense of it in your pocket and the realization that "I thought I had already made a cash withdrawal this week? Why has it all vanished so quickly? "kind of thought.

For me, as a sole breadwinner by choice, I do felt it. 

Inflation appears to be spreading throughout the country; even local hawkers have hiked their rates. Fun Toast has also increased the price of their takeaway coffee/tea to S$2.10

That is why I have been thinking about doing much more (If you know me, you will have knew that I am already doing a lot, for hobby and for the tiny bit more cash), in order to increase my overall earnings every month. 

To be clear, I am not having any difficulties. Rather, my motivation for earning more is to ensure that I can maintain my current standard of living.

Changing jobs is the most straightforward choice. However, there are many more elements at play than simply having the desire to shift jobs. Furthermore, it is not immediate, and I may not be successful in locating one as well - time will be wasted in the end

Then, I came up with a lot of ideas which was unfruitful. 

Until recently I stumbled upon writing for Seeking Alpha. I should have started much earlier, but I have always been hesitating and giving myself excuses. 

But with some encouragement from Varun, I took the leap of faith and went on to write my first article in Seeking Alpha.

Image taken from Seeking Alpha Website

It is an article on my highest conviction company - Digital Turbine (APPS) - and it was a success!

"Success" in terms of being a possible long term passive income stream.

With that, I'd like to clarify that, rather than blogging about particular US companies on the blog, I'll be writing about them in Seeking Alpha. Follow me on Seeking Alpha if you're interested in the future US companies that I write about.

But do not worry! This blog will still be updated with my portfolio changes, on TUB Snippets, on SG/HK companies, industry changes, etc.

Once again, thank you for reading.

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Stay tuned for the next write up!.