Restarted My YouTube Journey

This is another delay in the write up. I was quite sick lately so there was a delay in everything I do. Still sick now, but slightly better. Its been 2 weeks since I started coughing (Not covid - tested numerous times). Its probably due to stress at new work place, world cup late nights, my RED portfolio and restarting my YouTube Journey.

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Now for the updates on my YouTube Channel. 

This time round, I want to focus on small/micro/nano cap companies which I believe the market has inaccurately punished them since the start of the year. Many of them are just misunderstood by the market. Nevertheless, not all conclusions are positive. For some, it may be better to just get out of it as soon as possible.

I had already did 6 videos as listed below:

1. Digital Turbine Inc.

Basically in this video, I explained that Digital Turbine remains a company with MORE significant tailwinds than headwinds. Tail-end risk exists but remains a very low probability of happening. Execution remains the main focus in the next 1 to 2 years. Watch the video to understand the tailwinds and headwinds!

2. Tremor International Ltd

I sold this company at a loss. The latest earning transcript was a mess. It just had to go. Watch the video to understand the reasons behind!

3. The Company that is involved in streaming all 64 matches to their subscribers.

I spoke about a streaming company that is involved in streaming all 64 matches to their subscribers. Their service will have a boost during this world cup fever and I remain vested, despite already losing more than 90% of my initial position. Watch this video to know about the company!

4. My Opinion of Investing During 2023

If you had followed me, I had talked about this before and even written about this. But if you like to refresh your memory, click here to watch the video.

5. The Company that publishes these licensed comics - Part 1

Reading comics has been one of my hobbies. Therefore, this company caught my eye. However, this company is a nano-cap stock and it remains in the traditional space whose core business is publishing comics. Regardless, I believe it is undervalued. Watch part 1 to understand its actual business and my theory in investing in it!

6. The Company that publishes these licensed comics - Part 2

Doesn't these pictures makes you want to read the comics? For part 2, I explained about the company's edge, competition, catalyst, risk and valuation. The conclusion is that it is undervalued. But how are these valuation derived? Watch to understand my metrics of valuing this company!

That's all for now.

Please like the videos and subscribe to my channel. Appreciate your support!


  1. lol this website become stocks recommendation website?

    1. Hi,

      I am not recommending. I am just providing my opinion on the shares I have since I believe these small caps are being misunderstood by the market currently. For those I do not have, I am just performing my analysis on it.

      In fact, some of the companies, I actually sold and not own them.



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