All I Want For 2023 Is A Clean Slate

And to do that, I have 3 confessions to make.

Confession 1: I am a contrarian. 

And I will continue to be one until the day I stop investing. The intellectual challenge is to die for, and the excitement that comes with riding harder and more turbulent financial waves unparalleled. In the face of a 2023 recession that threatens to sweep away all our hard-earned capital gain, I proclaimed it as ungrounded chatter that will no sooner evaporate into thin air. Here's why, click here and here.

Confession 2: The analysts are starting to scare me.

More and more financial institutions have raised the alarm for an impending recession, and I have to admit that it has shaken my resolve. But for a very different reason.  As a contrarian, I rely on cold hard logic especially in times of high stress. To the financial analysts running away from the potential economic tsunami, I say surf's up.


The Federal Reserve’s reverse repo agreement is on the rise. This means that while the market seems to be going down on the surface, liquidity is being transferred elsewhere under the Fed’s control and will be returned to the market when interest rates are reduced. Put even simpler, great companies are going to remain fundamentally sound through this on-the-surface economic dip, and this is a prime opportunity for us to get these companies at a discounted price. Hence, I will continue to buy into businesses that I am most convinced of while the markets spin into a downward spiral. For a more detailed explanation, click here.

Confession 3: I can no longer shirk responsibility. 

I am afraid because while I do disclaim that I am not a financial advisor and that all my readers should do their own research, this blog still inevitably influences. And I do not want you to take a contrarian approach that can come at huge cost, especially in times of a potential recession where a lot more will sink than swim. It's a new year, but the chaos of the markets remains the same. Please carry out your own extreme due diligence when navigating this year's choppy financial waters. 

That's all.

Stay tuned for a bunch of unique drops this January.


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