This Counter Rise 20% In 5 Days!

Again, I seem to have proven my methods works at least in a bull market.

I bought Falcon Energy Group Limited on 25 March 2017 at $0.111 per share based on my method of bottom fishing.

The purchase was triggered when I saw that the counter was at near to its 52 weeks low share price. 

Share price of Falcon Energy Group Ltd

Furthermore, I realise the counter has been buying back shares for a prolonged period. So is the downtrend of the share price unjustified?

Buying Back Shares by Falcon Energy Group Ltd
Then being the fundamentalist, I did a sum of the parts and realise this counter is significantly undervalued.

So I bought it and was prepared to keep it for some time.

Anyway I did not know why this counter rise so much today but I sold all of them in 2 batches at $0.128 and $0.135. Overall, I made a 15% gain!

For those who came to my sharing session last Saturday, I mentioned to all of you that I bought Falcon Energy Group Ltd. If you had followed me, congratulations!

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