Launch of T.U.B Circle

Dear Readers,

T.U.B Investing will be launching its database site - T.U.B Circle. 

This database will contain of my scorecards of the various companies in SGX.

The database contains Enhanced Triple S Scorecards, which I no longer distributes. and all the Super Scorecards that I had done. Over time, I will continue to add more Super Scorecards of companies I analyse into the database.

If you are interested, simply sign up/email with me.

The subscription will be $20 for 3 Months.

Everyone whom sign up will be given a Super Scorecard Excel Template and a Super Scorecard Handbook on how to use it.

To further extend your subscription (upon expiry), simply provide me with 5 Super Scorecards you have done to get extended for another 3 months for FREE! This is simply to encourage people to use it constantly and understand the company's fundamentals.

Do note that the Super Scorecards in the database are downloadable. Thus, if you are interested in a particular company within the database, you can also download its Super Scorecard and use it again if a new quarterly report is out for the counter!
*Do note that this is not applicable for the Enhanced Triple S Scorecard within the database. 

Anyway, once you get registered on T.U.B Circle and it is activated, proceed to log in:

Then click on "Get Started" on the Home Page:

Then search for the companies you are interested in (Do note that only companies with the scorecards attached are within the listing):

Next, select the Scorecard based on the quarter you will like to review:

After selecting, the scorecard will appear:

Click on the right top corner of the scorecard to retrieve the full scorecard and download it if you are interested in it:

If you click on the "Summary of Company Score" on the Home Page, you will be able to get the list of companies within the database. 

That's all folks. Please contact me if you are interested in signing up!

Oh... and do remember, please like our Facebook page (T.U.B Investing) and follow me on InvestingNote.