1st Post For 2018

This is my first post for 2018 and I have a confession to make.

I am rather bored looking at the Singapore market. I just feel that there are no value left. Many of the investors may differ from how I feel. But somehow in my head, I hope this bull stops running for a while.

In the meanwhile, I am also worried looking at the US markets hitting new highs everyday. In my head, I am bored and worried at the same time.

This could also be the consequences of restarting my portfolio and holding over 50% cash right now (Injected more cash into the portfolio since it restarted).

Thus, I started looking more at the US and Hong Kong markets.

Looking at these markets, which I am still not so familiar with, could also be a consequence of setting my target too high (Recap: 30%!)

As B stated in one of the comments on my Facebook Page post, setting such a high target may result in me taking unnecessary risks.

Nevertheless, within the spectrum of investing, I always felt that if I do not know enough, then I should go and find out about it. At least, I have a 1 year experience in investing in these 2 markets, right?

For the next few articles, I will most probably write about a few of the overseas counter that I bought recently, unless something interesting springs up!

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  1. where do you get your financial statements?

    1. Hi Jason,

      Sorry for the late reply.

      If you are asking about US Markets, you can go https://www.sec.gov/.

      For HK market, you can go to the companies' IR website or search for it in http://www.irasia.com

      Hope this answer your question.



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