What Had I Been Up To?

Firstly, before I start, it will be good to inform everyone again on our Face-to Face Ask-Us-Anything session on 16 Jan 2018. Details of the event are listed in this post. If you are interested to come, just come along that evening.

So What Had I Done Since The Last Post?

Although I have said in my 1st post of 2018 that I felt the market is boring, but at this point, I had already made A LOT OF PURCHASES. As stated in the same post, I ventured actively into the US and HK Market.

In addition, I had also tweaked some of my thoughts about the SG market and made some purchases. This came about after I decided I was STILL holding too much cash after venturing overseas (I had about 40% to 50% of my portfolio).

In this case, I decided to make some short term investment into companies that are getting into certain "situations". This was not what I planned at the start of the year and I was taking more risk investing in these companies.

However, I see the taking of such higher risk as a substitute to my initial thoughts to cryptocurrency. I had wanted to invest a small sum into cryptocurrency at the start of the year. But, the verification process put me off. Thus, I decided to go ahead with these "higher-calculated-risk" investment instead, as I am more comfortable with this kind of risk-taking.

The Additional Touch To My Strategy

Other than the above, my strategy has also changed as the 3 markets (HK, USA and SG) continued to hit new highs.

I tried to invest in counters that people had stopped talking about. Or people hated. Or analyst had stopped covering about it. Since no one cares about it, then I can safely assume the bottom may have reached.

This was basically my Contrarian Self acting up.

It was like my left brain telling me to invest fundamentally. However, when it doesn't work out, my right brain will gain dominance and start telling me to proceed with contrarian investing instead.

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To recap - Contrarian Investing is my own belief in that I had to be different to make more gains than others. If everyone invest in a similar way, it will be hard to find good counters as everyone will invest in the same counter looking at the same price.

So....Can You Please Tell Us The Counters Now?

Okay... here we go!

HK Market

1. Vital Mobile Holdings Limited - Although many experts do not agree with me, but I tried cigar butt investing via this counter.

2. Goldpac Group Limited - If you want to know more about this counter, please read this post by Stock Sniper blog's Hunting For Value. He wrote various articles about this counter and provided a lot of information.

US Market

1. Quarterhill Inc. - This seems to be the only low PE and PB counter within the US Market. Or at least one that I will invest in.

SG Market

1. ABF SG Bond Index Fund ETF - Like I stated in my last post, I wanted to invest some cash into the bond market and I decided on this ETF when it dropped significantly recently. The drop in this ETF is normal as some of the bonds had matured. If you looked at the 10 year chart, the drop is a trend at the start of every year.

2. Ellipsiz Ltd - Cash is king!

3. M1 Limited - Yes. You can call me an idiot for buying this counter after selling all of them in Sep 2017.

4. CWX Global Limited - This investment is a maths question. Firstly, 2 new shareholders had exchange 331,653,000 shares at 1.6 cents and 76,628,352 shares at 1.3 cents by pumping in S$6.2 million. Rights issue will also add another 1,950,009,035 shares at 0.9 cents, which will be equivalent to S$17.55 Million. The free warrants will be ignored since their exercise price is 1.5 cents.

Do note that there are currently 1,526,527,683 existing shares. The latest equity amounted to estimated S$48.47 million. By adding all the additional cash and the equity, and divided them by total number of shares (new and old shares), the NAV will be about 1.8 cent per share.

The current share price is about 0.9 cents, which translate to Price to Book ratio of 0.5x. I believe with the new shareholders, warrants exercise price and recovering oil price will eventually push the share price up in the near future.

That's all!

If you like me to elaborate about any of the investment above (Other than Goldpac Group Limited, ABF SG Bond Index Fund ETF and CWX Global Limited), do comment below or on my TUB Investing Facebook Page or on my InvestingNote thread.


  1. what is your view on wechat pay, alipay & others against credit card usage in future which may affect Goldpac business?

    1. Hi Unknown,

      Please see my reply below.

      Sorry for not tagging.


  2. Hi Unknown,

    I believe in the disruption. I had the initial concern as well.

    However, if you read about them in the Hunting for Value Blog post, (https://myhuntingtripforvalue.blogspot.sg/2017/10/goldpac-discussion-points-and-comments.html), Goldpac has a certain moat in terms of its core business and it has been branching out into fintech.

    My view is it will have to try to grow its fintech business which controlling its cost of doing its core business.

    Buying now seems to me to be a bottom, I do not want to catch it when it releases some new fintech business and the share price jump.

    Hope that explains.


  3. Hi TUB,

    May i know how old are you now, how long have you been investing, what is your accumulated capital, and how much is your porfolio value now? Sorry for asking these sensitive questions. Thanks!

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      I am about 34 yrs old. Been investing for more than 10 years, but just went into US and HK market last year.

      My portfolio value is very low 6 digits.

      May I know what makes you want to know these?



    2. Hi TUB,

      Thanks for replying.

      Just want to know how the successful ppl performing with the hope that i can do that too in future.

      Btw, how much is your total accumulated capital so far? Thanks!

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      Thanks for your compliment. There are many more others that are more successful than me.

      Hard to give an exact figure of the capital. And I will prefer to keep it this way.

      Sorry for being secretive.

      Anyway do come for future Ask-Us-Anything session. Maybe you can understand more then.



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