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Recently, it seems that more people are "unhappy" with the way I blog. Maybe it is because I appear to be saying 1 thing and doing another. And of course, my promotion of the Fundamental Scorecard. 

It is certainly quite hard being a blogger, and trying to satisfy every single reader. Sometimes I wonder if I said too much, and being too honest about everything. 

Anyway, FYI, I don't earn big bucks from blogging. I am just trying to share what I found out and to be responsible to what I said.

Then again, I am quite happy with how these anonymous are commenting. This meant that my reader outreach have been increasing! Next time, it will be good to put your name. So I can address you directly or even meet up with you.

So with the above thoughts, I felt that, might as well, I do not reveal what this next company I intend to talk about. 

I will just show you this research I had done.

Research on The Company
This is solely on 1 quarter of the company's income statement as well as its competitors. I am just amazed how well it had done compared to its competitior.

Do note that its' revenue had been increasing over many years and gross margin had been increasing as well.

In Short

I have actually wrote and is currently vested in this company. I will be looking to adding to my position.

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  1. Hi TUb

    I think this way is better too... to give a teaser but cannot say out because then it will have some conflicts with your course which you would be revealing.

    1. Hi B,

      Thanks for commenting. Yup. Most probably this will be how I write on my analysis in future.

      Haha... most probably will lose readers.



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