Our 1st Coffee With Us

Dear Readers and Subscribers,

As stated previously, Simple Investor SG (Simple) and I will be continuing our “Ask-Us-Anything” session. But this time round, we will be calling it – Coffee with Us!

Coffee With Us is a meet-up session to promote fundamental investing, especially during these volatile times. By having seasoned investors answer questions you may have, we aim to reduce the initial hurdle of embarking on FA. Everyone interested in investing is welcomed.

Coffee With Us
Other than having a name change, we will be requesting a small fee of $10. This is because if it is a free session, many people will sign up but eventually will not turn up.

In addition, in order to facilitate discussion, we will be limiting to a maximum of 5 person per session only.

Unlike the previous sessions, this event will also be more structured. We will be discussing on the following:
  • Basics of Investing
  • Methods of Investing
  • Q&A or Any questions you have

Just To Recap - Background on Simple and I

Simple and I partnered to create the Fundamental Scorecard website. It is basically a website that portray our investment approach into 2 different scorecard methods (Full Analysis from Simple Investor SG and Ultimate Scorecard from me) and each scorecard method will have an individual database with reports of the scores of counters in SGX.

A scorecard method can be considered as a mechanical/systematic way of investing, where your consideration is based on facts and numbers, while your emotions and bias can be put aside.

Through these methods, Simple and I had more wins than losses and we believe that anyone who follow these methods will be able to attain similar results!

It is our goal to spread the knowledge of fundamental investing to everyday average retail investors.

Here are some feedback from the attendees from previous sessions:

A review from one of the participants in the 1st session:

"Hi Terrence (I hope I spelt your name correctly), I truly enjoyed the sharing session just now. It gave me a lot of insights which I would like to follow up on when I’m free. Sure, I will most certainly love to attend talks/sharing sessions like this next time. And do help me let John know I am very appreciative about the sharing session this evening as well."

A review from one of the participants in the 2nd session:

"Hello Terrance, thank you and John for taking time and effort to organise the meeting up Q&A. You guys have done a wonderful work and being patience to explain your investment approach and picking value stocks using scorecards and points system. There is so much we learnt from one another and I wish we can do this more often.

Perhaps it would be benefit to a larger group if anyone of the members would pick a few stocks from his/her watchlist, and we can discuss these stock as a group, focus on their biz and the set of numbers that we should paying more attention than the rest. That would bring more engaging discussions."

Here are the Event Details:

Date: 17 April 2018, Tuesday
Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm (Try to just come early. We can always have dinner together.)
Location: Outside seating area of The Kitchen (Food Court at The Star Vista. The seating area outside is very big and open. You will be able to find us there.)
Number of Pax: 5 pax
Price: $10

Look for us here!
If you are interested in the event, do sign up via this LINK.

We look forward to meeting you!

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  1. Sell snake oil ;)

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for replying and commenting.

    Guess whether i am selling snack oil, it is best you come and hear it for yourself.



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