This Blog Is 3 Years and 1 Month Old!

After the last post on My Random Talks, I got a lot of encouragement, compliments as well as positive comments from readers on IN and also the particular comment below from the blog. Really appreciate all the comments!

Comment from My Blog

Nevertheless, this was also a time to reflect on how I have been writing my blog posts. I have decided NOT TO NAME the counters I am writing. Rather than telling readers the company's name directly, I hope readers can focus on the reasons I invested in that counter.

I believe this will be more similar to my objective of starting Fundamental Scorecard - to spread the knowledge of fundamental investing. In addition, since I am also promoting the Fundamental Scorecard website subscription, this could be more appropriate.

Having said all that, there will definitely be hints along the post on which counter I am talking about. Furthermore, I will still continue to reveal my portfolio every quarter. So look out for them!

Moving forward, I intend to selected some major ideas and move into consolidation mode. I will call them Big Ideas! It should be focus around 6 or 7 counters and I should have already vested/talked about them.

That's all!

Once again, thank you for all the support over the last 3 years!

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