The investing world has become ridiculous.

The economy and the market is no longer moving in concurrence.

As of 2021, it become so obvious the retail investors are at the mercy of the institutions, hedge funds, and investment banks. When the men in suits decide to sell growth buy value, the whole market change.

Then came the bitcoin rising to over $50k and then dropping to $30k

Then I heard people started losing money. 10k, 30k, 50k, 100k, etc.

Then now it is back to almost 40k. 

On a side note, do you really know what bitcoin is being used for? Why does everyone always forget about the most basic fundamental question? 

Oh…and then I recently realized someone went into a scam. He can still tell me – “oh I don’t know anything on the finance portions. I leave it to the broker.”


Then, when I speak to some of them, I will try to find out how I can help. I give them some guides. Eventually I will also ask them if they want to try Fundamental Scorecard.

Then they all went quiet – as if I am trying to sell them insurance…or I am some new scammer.

Fundamental scorecard is S$120 for 6 months – comparative to the losses? Seriously?

Even if you don’t care about me or Fundamental Scorecard, there are also so many great courses out there.

There is Growth Investor Mastery by Kelvestor and Jonathan. I never attended their courses but having known them – They are really great investors. I have also heard great feedback.

For wealth management and Sg market, there is also Financial-Mall. I have spoken to I-min and heard their wealth course. It is a great start to understand how to keep and grow wealth. Plus, I have collaborated with Jimmy. It was a great course and if you have gone thru how much time we spent to get everything right…you will be amazed.

For trading, there is Lyn Trading Club. Many hate her. Many love her. Regardless, she has many trading followers whom know how good she can be. 

And if you really don’t want to pay – There is Path to Forever Financial Freedom, Investment Moats and also Budget babe.

And really there are so many more. My Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group (FREE ONE) and so many more. There is InvestingNote too. Even Seedly FB page is something.

There are so many avenues. If you need help, just ask.


Stay tuned for my next post.


  1. There are enough stupid people with excessive ego who believe they deserve or can get rich quick. Some even refuse to learn properly and just want to get rich quick real quick. Just stroke their ego, they will fall into the trap. Trying to educate them is a waste of time. They just want to hear what they want to hear, not the truth.

    1. Hi Anonymous,

      Yes. totally agree. Sad case.



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