TUB Snippets 2: SGX Companies

If you have read my old posts, you will know I still invest in SGX Companies. But since I have gotten into shorter term active trading, these are some of the SGX companies that I am VESTED IN for potential short term investment period.

1. Asian Pay Television Trust (Vested at S$0.132)

Major shareholder shift as of 2021.

As of Jul 21 – A press release was announced:

"NCC (National Communications Commission of Taiwan) rejects Da Da Digital’s proposed transaction to acquire 65% indirect interest in the Trustee-Manager of APTT

  • NCC’s decision has no impact on the operations and cash flows of APTT or TBC, nor the distribution guidance of 1.0 Singapore cent per unit for 2021
  • Araedis Investment Pte. Ltd., an associate of Da Da Digital, has been increasing its stake in APTT; remains committed to growing its partnership with APTT and TBC."

The company is also involved in providing broadband services in Taiwan, and as per Q2 FY21 Report:

"TBC remains on track to capture data backhaul opportunities in Taiwan. Its network investments are now past the peak, after increasing its fibre density from an average of more than 750 end-homes per fibre node three years ago to less than 250 end[1]homes per fibre node today – removing network congestion and allowing data to be transmitted at higher speeds. This places TBC in a good position to support wireless operators in the build out of their 5G networks – multi-year investments that present opportunities for the Trust."

Insiders have been purchasing shares and in Q2 FY21 Report, there is this point which captures my attention:

“The Board has re-affirmed the distribution guidance for the year ending 31 December 2021. The distribution for 2021 is expected to remain at 1.0 cent per unit...Distribution guidance for 2022 is expected to be announced when APTT releases its third quarter results for 2021.”

I am looking forward to Q3 Results and its dividend guidance in 2022.

2. First Ship Lease Trust (Vested at S$0.084)

Dividend released for FY2020 is US$0.045 per share against share price of around S$0.089 at that point in time.

Dividend for Q2 FY21 was announced to be US$0.02, which similar share price.

During last 2 years, the trust had turn around by selling a few vessels, reduced debt significantly (Zero net debt) and increased its cash significantly as well.

In Sep 21, it has since disposed another big vessel on spot charter and purchase an additional vessel with 8 years charter.

Summary of the fleet of the trust below:

First Ship Lease Presentation

As of Q2 FY21 report – the company also stated the following:

“With 7 of the 11 vessels in the portfolio operating under fixed-rate period charters and contracted revenue of approx. US$22.3 million…”

Currently, the trust now has predictable cashflow in view of its long-term charter and a stable cash hoard with lower net debt.

Let’s also not forget about the Marco energy crisis that is on-going now which will definitely assist the trust in the spot market.

Again, I looked forward to the next Q3 FY 21 announcement. If necessary, we may need to wait till Q4 FY 21 announcement for a fat dividend announcement.

3. Metech International Limited (Vested at S$0.275)

There was a placement issue at S$0.21 per share in early Oct 21.

After that, the company released numerous press releases.

This is how I summarizes the story:

Lab grown diamond in SG, Cutting and polish in India, getting tested and sell thru exchanges in China for retail and industrial purposes, and also sell thru Korean/Swiss retailers.

Basically, the company is changing with a focus on lab-grown diamond. For the uninitiated, there is also a shortage of rough diamond around the world currently.

This could be a longer-term approach – nibbling in small positions and waiting for the big results to come, in terms of financials – probably in the next 2 quarters.

4. Hatten land (Vested at S$0.072)

This is 1 of the companies that is listed in SGX and getting into Bitcoin mining.

To fully explain this business, you should read the following 2 bulls thesis that summarizes the positives:

By cow888:

“…the transformation of Hatten Land's assets into hubs for blockchain and other digital activities that will contribute to the growth and transformation of Melaka…Looks like the developer has got upper hand in their core businesses such as in their properties in many areas in Melaka, to develop their new initiative in the blockchain and crypto world…Rigs will be installed starting from the fourth quarter of this year (4Q21) in phases under the strategic collaboration and management agreement between Hatten Land's wholly-owned subsidiary Hatten Technology (S) Pte Ltd (HTPL) and Singapore-based Frontier, which currently operates over 700 cryptomining rigs in Singapore…”

Read the full cow888 IN post in this link.

By Swee Swee IN post:

“There have been a series of positive announcements by the company recently. It is moving into new growth areas in the form of crypto mining, blockchain, NFT, solar energy implementation etc, with the aim of building an ecosystem of tokenised assets in Malacca.

It has raised some funds through a small placement exercise and garnered some partnerships. Meanwhile, its investment properties in Malacca should be rebounding back strongly now that Malaysia has achieved a 90% vaccination rate and interstate travelling is allowed for the vaccinated. Its Malacca shopping malls should be crowded again. I have stayed in their service apartments in Malacca and they are new and well maintained…”

Read the full Swee Swee IN post in this link.

My plan for this is hold a small position and wait for another breakout, since Bitcoin is volatile.

So these are my views of the 4 SGX listed companies and hope you liked it.

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Stay tune for my next post!