Top 10 Position In My PortfolioS

It’s been a long while as I update my blog. You can deem this as a return to writing till my “energy” runs out again.

Market been volatile, so have my portfolio. Therefore, for this post, its probably time to talk a bit more about my portfolios and the top 10 positions.

The Background of My PortfolioS

For those that still do not know, I had 2 portfolios

As I had explained previously, one of them is solely US companies, and the other is a mixture of SG and US companies. What I did not state is that the one solely with US companies has a 3-year period. The one with a mixture of SG/US companies has a 10-year period.

However, over time, both portfolios have changed. The timeline remains the same. But both of them currently has a mixture of US, SG and HK companies.

In addition, I started a 3rd portfolio that will consist solely of US companies lasting till Dec 21. This portfolio is a trading/active management experiment portfolio. Since starting in 30 Aug 21, I have lost 45% of the portfolio. This probably meant I am not a trader and I still stay on the same course in future. Nevertheless, I will still keep this portfolio till Dec 21. It currently holds only 5 positions.

When I combined the 3 portfolios, it amounts to a total of S$200+k with a cash position of 3%. The total number of companies I have stands at 27 companies. However, the Top 10 Positions contributes to 73% of the portfolio. The remaining 17 companies contributes to the remaining 24% of the portfolio.

Details of the Total 10 Positions

1st, 2nd and 3rd are Tencent (700), APPS and Alibaba (9988) respectively. They contribute to 36% of the portfolio. Although I had always stated that APPS is my biggest position, but when the China started cracking down on their big tech firms, I decided to start positions in Tencent and Alibaba. I continued to accumulate while their share price continued to plummet and eventually both of them occupies the 1st and 3rd position in my portfolio.

4th, 5th and 6th are CRNC, PLTR and <Company 6> respectively. They contribute 18% of the portfolio. I have written about CRNC and PLTR previously and my conviction remains high for these 2 companies. <Company 6> is an interesting company that I will probably do a more detailed write next week.

7th, 8th, 9th and 10th are DIS, <Company 8>, CICT (C38U) and Starhill REIT (P40U). They contribute towards 19% of the portfolio. DIS has been my very long time holding. CICT and Starhill REIT are the sole contributors to the Top 10 positions from Singapore. I do not foresee I will continue to add to these 3 companies in the near future. As for <Company 8>, it is another company I will be interested to do a write up on.

With that, these are my top 10 positions and I believe most of them will remain in their position for some time.

For my remaining 17 companies, I am currently reviewing them and I foresee I will only keep 10 of them by year end.

Hope this explains my portfolio and I will follow up with post of <Company 6> and <Company 8> soon!

See you on the next post!

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