Just Like To Say Thank You!

This is a post to say "Thank You to all my supporters, readers and followers!"

Because I got my Google Adsense back under my regular TUBInvesting Blog (Not a lot, but better than nothing); and

I am also officially a partner under the Medium Partner program for my spin off series - The 10X Potential.

Do note that, if you like to continue to read freely, you can also read up to 2 articles (written under the medium platform) for free that is behind a paywall every month. 

If you like to support me and sign up, please also understand it is US$5 per month.

In future, I will be writing about the companies which I believe has a 10X potential in this spin off series. Each company will probably be written over a series of articles. The final 2 articles will remain behind a paywall until I do another update on the company. 

Furthermore, if you like to follow me, I am have a Tubinvesting FB Page, a Tubinvesting twitter account and also a telegram group called Fundamental Scorecard (Do Google for links).

Finally, 2022 is an uncertain year because so many experts have different views. Be focus on your investments and you should do well.

Thank you once again! See you in the next post.

This article will be post in TUBInvesting Blog and The 10X Potential.