The Great Correction Of 2022

If you are invested in the market, you will have felt the pain that Fed had inflicted on us when their minutes were released early in the week and definitely a great "start" to 2022.

Is this the Great "Correction" of 2022? You may asked. 

In my opinion, we should have expect 2022 to be worse off rather than better with all the tapering and interest rate hike and also probably LOTS OF DOOMSDAY ARTICLES. If you believe the interest rate hike and tapering are priced in, it is probably not. Because when the heavy selling ends for the institutions, that is when the selling for retailers just get started. But who am I to predict what may happen?

If you have joined my Fundamental Scorecard Telegram Group, you will have read about my sharing of my opinion of the market in 2022. 

Basically, my only conclusion is "There will be dips. Cash is King."

So what can we do in 2022 in order to ensure our portfolio do well?

1. More Thinking, Less Actions - Find out more about your high conviction companies. Do less frequent trading. 

2. Resources are Limited, Concentrate More - Our resources are limited. Build your conviction in your best companies. Buying the dips in 5 companies is always better than buying the dips in 10 companies.

3. Leverage Lesser - This is a personal reminder. Stopping selling puts and calls. I made too many mistakes in these areas.

4. Plan Ahead - Since we already know that there will be dips, plan ahead of how you like to buy your favourite companies.

5. Focus On Your Portfolio, Plan, Strategy - After you made your choices, then its time to focus on them.

Finally, (Since I live in Singapore, its nighttime when US market start trading) when the US market opens, watch more Netflix and Disney+. Relax and have fun. Sleep well too.

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