10X Potential Series Will Be Going Back To TUBInvesting.com

Hi Readers of my Blog and the 10X potential series on Medium,

I will like to announce that I will be reverting back to writing solely on TUBInvesting.com and will stopped writing on the Medium Platform.

The sole reason being it is more rewarding (in terms of $$) when I write on my blog with Google Adsense rather than the Medium Partner Program.

The ROI is at least 5 times higher if I compared my earnings. Thus, if I place more emphasis on the Medium Articles but the ROI is lower, it just does not make sense.

With this change, there will be benefits for You and me:

1. I don't need to focus on 2 platforms. I can just continue to build on this website and hopefully I gather more readers in future.

2. You get to read everything for FREE. There will be NO PAYWALL.

Furthermore, do not worry about being unable to locate the articles if you solely wants to read about the 10X Potential Series. 

I have create a tab on Top allocated for the 10X Potential series - where I have gather all my articles (inclusive of Medium and the paywall on Medium will be removed) for Digital Turbine*. I did not know I have already written 11 articles on Digital Turbine! 

I will also be writing on other companies in this series soon!

Once again, Thank you for your support!

Hope that you can continue to support me in the future!