Updates On My Top 10 Positions & Where The Funds $ Has Gone To

I will like to do an update today. It is probably one of the worst start to a new year for my portfolio.

My Estimated Performance for Past Month

Just take a look at my estimated* performance. At the start of the year, I was performing slightly better than S&P500 and now I am down 12.07%.

*Do note that the returns include options.

Nevertheless, being in this market for over 10 years, I probably felt that I became a true investor over the last 2 years. In fact, I believe I matured much more over the last 3 months. 

I personally felt that one can only see the growth of an investor in the darkest times. 

"During the bull market, the hardest thing is to sell. But even if you sell, you still make money. 

But during the bear market, the hardest thing is to think rationally. It is not even about what to do, but it is what to do based on the situation you are in."

This is definitely one of the darkest time for me as an investor. In the past, during a bear market, I am always thinking of ways to game the market or buy the dip. But now, I just relax and focus on what I plan to do (as stated in this post). If I am confused, I always go to Netflix or Disney+ or Viu for help, by watching drama/movie to pass time. In this way, I ignore the market.

Regardless, I still nibble a bit here and there. 

So now for the details of the Top 10 Positions and some portfolio updates (Note that I only nibble here and there, lots of changes is due to the drop in share prices.)...

1. Tencent (0700) - 17.2%

2. Digital Turbine (APPS) - 10.6%

3. Alibaba (9988) - 10.3%

4. CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (C38U) - 7.9%

5. Disney (DIS) - 6.9%

6. Cerence Inc (CRNC) - 6.8%

7. Palantir (PLTR) - 5.6%

8. FuboTV (FUBO) - 5.3%

9. Hut 8 Mining (HUT) - 4.8%

10. Tesla (TSLA) - 4.0%

As per my last update on 21 Nov 21, there were still 20 companies in my portfolio. It has been trimmed down to 18 companies now. 

In addition, to indicate how much each individual company has dropped, CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (C38U), a Singapore listed REIT that I did not add or reduce since the last update, has rise from position 9 to position 4! 

In my opinion, this is because I believe some funds that sold out in US market and wanted to find a safe haven while staying on the sideline, may have actually invested in the Singapore market due to our stability. 

STI Index has rise 6.4% over the past 1 month.

Screenshot of STI Index from SGX website

Nevertheless, my Top 10 Positions now contributes about 79.6% with cash amounting to about 7%.

That's all for the updates.

If you like to read a 4 part series on Digital Turbine (APPS), one of my highest conviction company, please click on the links - Part 1, Part 2, Part 3 and Part 4.

Stay tune for my next post!