The 3rd Happy Event This Month

Other than the happy events that Ellipsiz Ltd announced special dividend and it became a multibagger for me, as well as the successful launch of 1st Value/Growth Investing Workshop and Fundamental Scorecard website, there was another happy event this month.

Chuan Hup Holdings Ltd (CH) announced its full year results on Monday. 

As predicted, it gave out special dividend - 1 cent ordinary and 2 cents special! 

That's more than 10% dividend yield for anyone that bought it recently.

For me, I have been loading up on this counter since start of August this year. I buy until it became the top 3 of my holdings (despite the fact that I have 20+ counters currently and many are blue chips).

My small saving in SRS account also contains solely CH. Glad it repaid my faith.

Other than my prediction of the special dividend, the other reasons I continued to purchase the counter was because the Ultimate Scorecard say so!

As Simple Investor SG and I were building up Fundamental Scorecard website, I kept noticing CH popping up in the Ultimate Scorecard index.

Normally, CH do not really fall into the category of "value stock". But since CH pass as a "value stock" at that time, I became more assured and confident that its share price could rise.

I also reviewed its subsidiaries' and associates' financial report to ensure CH will perform well this year.

True enough, CH did much better than previous year and provided special dividend, resulting in a jump in share price. 

This will also be another example that the Ultimate Scorecard is an useful tool in finding undervalued counters.

Thus, if you are interested to subscribe to any of the scorecard database, do sign up at Fundamental Scorecard!

Currently, we are running a promotion till 1 Sep 2017 and we will be giving 1 extended month free to anyone whom sign up any of our scorecard!  

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  1. Hi Terence,

    Have also been holding on to Chuan Hup. Was presently surprised to see the special dividend. :)



    1. Hi Clement,
      Are you that Clement that has been using my scorecard? Haha...

      Anyway the special dividend if you look at the trend, they give 1 year special, another year just 1 cent.

      But whether this trend continues, it is questionable.


    2. Hi Terence,

      Yes same Clement haha.

    3. Hi Clement,

      Glad you bought it too. Lets see how high it will rise.



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