A Case Study On "How To Use The Ultimate Scorecard"

Sometimes when you start to see other counters rise while yours just "relax one corner and lay there", you will start to doubt your method. Regardless of how much you believe in your own method, you will be tempted to do something about it. 

Mr Market will sometimes test your emotions as well - Making you feel worried because they decide to flood the market with a lot of RED numbers.

Nevertheless, when you hold your ground and continue to believe in yourself, Mr Market will suddenly reward you for your consistency and patience.

Ellipsiz Ltd (aka Ellipsiz) is a very good case study. 

I bought Ellipsiz a long time ago when it was just 30 cents. 

Today, Ellipsiz just announced a good set of full year results with mouthwatering dividend.

6.5 cents of dividend in the 2nd half of the year - that's about 9.7%of dividend yield against a current price of $0.665.

If we include the full year dividend of 9 cents, that's about 13.5% of dividend yield!

In addition, it is important to note that I bought more of Ellipsiz recently at $0.635 per share! 

I am sure the share price will rises significantly again tomorrow!

The reasons I average up was because:

1. Late announcement of Full Year Results

I understand the full year revenue was suppose to be announced in the first week of August. But the company did not release their results. Thus, I decided that something good could be happening. So after verifying the 3rd quarter result, I analyse that even if it was a very bad quarter, I will still be able to get some dividend.

2. Because The Ultimate Scorecard Say So!

When The Ultimate Scorecard was created, I did a test on Ellipsiz. 

It passed the Ultimate Scorecard despite the share price rising significantly.

At first, I was skeptical. But after re-looking at the 3rd quarter results and verifying the results on The Ultimate Scorecard, I decide to buy more.

In Short

I am glad I bought more of Ellipsiz and continued to believe in The Ultimate Scorecard. This justify that my belief in my own method is right. 

However, I like to add that although "The Ultimate Scorecard say so", we should still do our minimum due diligence before buying the counter. We must always verify results despite the test say so! 

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