Launch of Fundamental Scorecard

On 26 August 2017, Simple Investor SG and I conducted our very 1st Value/Growth Investing workshop and this is also the event where we launch our very own database website, Fundamental Scorecard.

The event was a success as everyone who came seems to gain some useful insights, and to our astonishment, the sign up rate was rather high.

Furthermore, we have also invited some prestigious guest to our event, such as Christopher of Growing Your Tree of Prosperity, Brian of A Path to Forever Financial Freedom, Richard of Invest Openly as well as friends from InvestingNote were there. We were just glad they agree to come and wanted to get some feedback from them.

Nevertheless, to our amazement, they have already written very positive reviews of the event and the Fundamental Scorecard.

I still remember I was watching Kooza (there was a national day promotion previously) with my wife when one of the participant whatsapp me about the write up. When I read the reviews, I was super touched and tears almost fell. Luckily, I was watching circus at that time! I was so emotional about it because I always wanted to share and help the investing community, as I have written previously. 

Fundamental Scorecard is something that I personally believe will definitely help retail investors. 

This conclusion came up after 2 and half year of blogging, creating scorecards, conducting sharing sessions, started and failing to positively contribute significantly to TUB Circle.

Fundamental Scorecard is created to give an edge to average, everyday investors via the scorecard method. 

Simple Investor SG and I hope that it will become "a website that all experience investors can gather and share their own way of investing via different scorecards." We believe that scorecard method is the way to go as it will help to eliminate emotions and allow users to focus on fundamental. 

Fundamental Scorecard currently contains the Ultimate Scorecard database, created by me. It held up to 480 scorecards of almost all the active counters in SGX (excluding REITs and counters without 5 years data).

Fundamental Scorecard also contains Full Analysis database, created by Simple Investor SG, which holds up to 700 scorecards of all the active counters in SGX.

Do take a look at the write up of the scorecards.

Thus, if you are interested to subscribe to any of the scorecard database, do sign up at Fundamental Scorecard!

Currently, we are running a promotion till 1 Sep 2017 and we will be giving 1 extended month free to anyone whom sign up any of our scorecard!  

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