Want I Really Wanted To Do...

When I started this blog, I just wanted to share what I knew about investing.

But as I got more involved within the investing scene in Singapore, I felt that there was a lack of understanding towards investing.

Scenario that I came across resulting in me having these thoughts:

1. Investors start asking if a particular hot counter (that is no longer hot) can be invested, because its price has suddenly dropped.

2. Investors wanted more returns. This resulted in them getting scammed by others as they go for impossible guaranteed returns unless the person is Warren Buffett.

3. Investors just want hot tips - Buy or Sell. They just don't want to do due diligence.

4. Investors just follow others and buy the hottest counter at that time. Later not, they forget to sell and cannot bear to cut loss.

Therefore, being a more experience investor, I just wanted to find more ways to help others.

Thus I created my scorecards and upgraded them till The Super Scorecard I have today (A further upgraded version is coming up. Stay tuned! - The Ultimate Scorecard).

Then I setup my sharing sessions to teach people how to use the scorecard and to understand what the scorecard really means.

But then, I realize that I am still unable to satisfy a retail investor eventual requirement - There are still those that find a a scorecard method troublesome, those that have no time to do all these calculation due to work (Myself included at times) and those who just refused to understand and do more.

This led to me create T.U.B Circle. I thought this will be the final product - a website full of database of scorecards.

I REALLY BELIEVE this will be what the retail investors want:
- A place which remove the bias in choosing what to invest in,
- A place where it will tell you a counter is value counter and you can "feel safe" and go ahead to buy it.

But I forget I am a 1-man show who have a 9 to 5 job. I miscalculated and I am unable to create and update so many scorecards.

This led me to be unable to help others when I thought I could. With that, I started sharing less of what I felt I could and should have done.

Nevertheless, fast forward a bit, I met Simple Investor through InvestingNote. We had the same mindset about the investment scene in Singapore.

He had his Full Analysis V14 and I had The Super Scorecard. We just lack the back end data. So we pooled our resources and came up with a plan to collect all the financial data of the stocks in SGX.

With this issue solved, I strongly believe that I will be able to fulfill what I have always wanted to share with the retail investors. 

Currently we are in the midst of testing our website and it will be launched soon.

But Simple Investor and I do not just want to share our website. We also want to teach and explain about our methods. Therefore, we will be launching the website on our first collaboration course.

If you are interested, follow me on Facebook and InvestingNote for more updates! More information will be released soon!

The next update will be on the new Ultimate Scorecard. Stay tuned!


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