Life After Getting Your Own House

I just started to live in my new house for a few days. And what follows was unpredictable.

Housework, cleaning, buying stuff, cooking, arranging for rectification, putting mahjong paper and then it repeats.

I no longer have any time for reading and much less for blogging. Over the last few days, I only looked at the stock market for about 10 to 15 mins each day.

Then one day, Simple Investor SG messaged me "Market drop suddenly".

Although I do not have enough time, but I still looked at the market for 5 seconds. Then I saw the STI at 3,334.91. I replied Simple Investor SG, "inform me only if STI was at 3000". Then I went back to my housework.

It is only on a afterthought that I realised why did I have this "super heck care" attitude?

There are a lot of reasons behind it.

1. Experience - I guess having been through a few number of hiccups, I don't think a minor correction will affect me. Furthermore, I have already allocated a percentage of cash that to reinvest in the market.

2. Already In-The-Money - As per my latest portfolio update, I am already on a 14% gain this year. Thus, I have more buffer for my portfolio to fall if necessary.

3. Ultimate Scorecard - I have a number of counters that has passed the Ultimate Scorecard. Thus, this kept me calm even in the mist of correction. The reason is because I know that for a counter to pass the scorecard it must have a certain number of abilities. Furthermore, if required, I can also keep the counter for a longer period.

In short, I believe my limited time in future must be used more effectively. Therefore, there will be more usage of fundamental scorecard website, less analysis of individual counter.

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