Are you prepared for Trump?

Trump claims the White House. That must spell disaster for the market, right?

What a lie.

Not only did the market not crash, it reacted well to President Trump. Bloomberg didn’t think the market would be remotely excited about Trump as the president. How wrong that was.

No one took Trump seriously when he first started. How wrong that was too.

Now, we think Asia is in trouble because of Trump’s nationalistic statements. Should you believe that?

We don’t have a crystal ball in gaze into. But we do know, Donald Trump is first and foremost, a businessman.

Growth in Asia isn’t going to stop. Business here remains as promising as ever, with or without United States. The tech giants, from Alibaba to Amazon to Google are pouring investment into Asia. We are living in a challenging yet exciting times. It will be U.S. loss to neglect Asia.

But all these are of little relevance to investors. Unless it answers the fundamental question for investors – What do I do?

Here’s one way to look at it, we will never be able to fully anticipate the events happening around the world. Would you have bet your fortune on Donald Trump winning?

The bigger the company, the more susceptible it is to global waves. GLP with its massive investment in United States would undoubtedly be affected. Everyone believes blue chip counters are your safest bet, do you believe that mantra too?

Small companies are far more insulated from global trends by focusing on their line of business. Keep their customers happy and dividends will be paid. If you are already picking up great companies to invest in, keep it going. We believe you will emerge stronger (and richer) in the turbulent market.

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