I have been using InvestingNote!

Recently, I have been using InvestingNote actively, much more than Facebook.

I was initially very skeptical about InvestingNote, thinking it was just another website/app about stocks flooding with investing/trading courses and news.

But how wrong I was?

Ever since I started using InvestingNote, I realised I have spent much lesser time on Facebook. It has currently become the most active application on my phone.

There are quite a few reasons why I like InvestingNote, but here are 2 reasons and I will leave you to find out the rest.

1. InvestingNote has a great interactive community.

I am able to find new conversations created on a daily basis. Everyone is ready to interact with one another. There are also very interesting and informative chat threads created, such as one which everyone will provide the counterparty in their trades.

It was in one of this threads that I found another GEM that I have invested in recently! (Will write about it soon).

2. InvestingNote has a great REWARD System if you interact actively!

Another main difference between Facebook and InvestingNote is that interaction is rewarded.

When using Facebook, interaction is dependent on one’s willingness to share. However, if you use InvestingNote, interaction is encouraged via a points rewards system. After earning enough points, you can exchange the points for REAL CASH Vouchers too!

Being an investor, every tiny bit of extra return is a GOOD. These cash vouchers can really help me save up when I am buying Christmas Presents.

These are the 2 reasons and I will leave you to find out the rest.

So do sign up now and follow me in InvestingNote!

Oh... this does not mean I will stopped contributing to my Facebook Page... Do like my Facebook Page as well – T.U.B Investing.