The 21.8K Series - Part 1

I am starting a new series - The 21.8k. This series will last until 30 Nov 22.

Basically, I applied for a facility (under a Singapore Bank) last Dec 21 due to a promotion that the facility will only be charged a nominal fee of S$100 for the next 12 months if there is no late payment. 

Subsequently I decided not to take up the facility, but I did not cancel it. After some time, I got a letter from the bank that the facility was approved with a certain limit and they had already put S$21.8k in my main account. So I am required to pay 2% every month for the next 12 months. 

With that said, after some thought, I decided to just invest the money and see what happens by 30 Nov 22.

Taken from Hypeinnovation Blog Website

This series will last till 30 Nov 22, rather than the full 12 months, to provide myself some time to come up with the required cash for the full repayment if things do not go to plan.

My investment plan goes like this:

1. I will keep S$4k aside for the monthly repayment. In this way, I will definitely have enough cash to make monthly payment. The investable amount will only be limited to S$17.8k.

2. I do not plan to beat the S&P 500 or have a significant target. Rather, it is just to record and see what will happen and hopefully it ends well on a positive note.

3. If I have excess disposable cash on a monthly basis, I will use it to pay down this loan. 

4. I will have to sell most of the investment eventually by 30 Nov 22 in order to pay off the bullet repayment in the final month. 

5. With regards to point 3 & 4, my plan is to pay off as much of the facility as possible, so that I do not need to sell as many investment by 30 Nov 22.

6. I will try to put up a post every month. The post could be on an individual company in the portfolio or a portfolio update. 

7. I also don't intend to explain every action, but if you want to know more, feel free to join the Fundamental Scorecard telegram group (Google for links) and PM me, or DM me using twitter/facebook.

8. I intend to only invest in Singapore and US companies, with a heavier weightage in Singapore companies.

With the explanation out of the way, I will inform you what I had done so far:

- Invested in 1000 shares of Bukit Sembawang (Ticker: B61).

- Invested in 5000 shares of ValueMax (Ticker: T6I).

- Sold 1 APPS US$40 PUT maturing on 20 Jan 23.

- Sold 5 HUT US$3 PUT maturing on 20 Jan 23.

- Invested in 700 shares of Mapletree Logistic Trusts (Ticker: M44U)

- Invested in 20 shares of Digital Turbine (Ticker: APPS).

- I have bought and sold CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust (Ticker: C38U)

Currently, I am left an estimated investable amount of S$10k left.

That's all for now.

Stay tuned for the next post!